Kalamazoo Soccer Club (KSC) formed in 1991 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that uses soccer as a catalyst to empower youth, improve their lives, and unite our community. The fundamental goal of KSC is to develop the desire in young people to have a lifetime of fitness and confidence through athletics. If you believe in that cause we encourage you to consider becoming a member of the KSC board.

Our board is a working board made up of volunteers from family members of current players for KSC. Many of the leadership positions within the board are opening as players are aging out of the club and we'd love to transfer that wealth of knowledge to the parents of our younger players to ensure the health and vitality of the club. Please consider the following while choosing to commit your time to KSC.

1) Commitment

Board members are asked to commit to a two-year agreement to serve on the Kalamazoo Soccer Club board. The sharing of your time, motivation, and dedication makes a significant impact on the local soccer community.

2) Responsibility

The board meets monthly to report on and develop club activities. While this is a "working board," we are fiduciarily and strategically responsible for this 501(c)3 organization. Monthly time commitments beyond the monthly board meeting vary but tend to be reasonable in nature.

3) Benefits

• Helping contribute to the soccer community of Kalamazoo

• Giving back to the Kalamazoo Soccer Club community that has supported your player

• Paying it forward to newer soccer families in Kalamazoo

• Sense of community pride

2018-2019 Kalamazoo Soccer Club Board

President Kirk DeLeeuw kirk.deleeuw@kalamazoocrew.com

Vice President Carl Deering carl.deering@kalamazoocrew.com

Registrar Shawnia Preston shawnia.preston@kalamazoocrew.com

Treasurer Jason Gumbis jason.gumbis@kalamazoocrew.com

Secretary Hannah Skiba hannah.skiba@kalamazoocrew.com

Marketing Director Amy Wine amy.wine@kalamazoocrew.com

Equipment Director Angela Dugger angela.dugger@kalamazoocrew.com

Legal Director Gordon Miller gordon.miller@kalamazoocrew.com

TOPSoccer Director Kelley Chenier kelley.chenier@kalamazoocrew.com

Members-at-Large Chris Zook chris.zook@kalamazoocrew.com

Marc Chenier marc.chenier@kalamazoocrew.com  

Pablo Pastrana pablo.pastrana@kalamazoocrew.com 

Photography by Sarah Hill


Rain or Shine…We love our coaches!

2019-2020 Coaching Staff

Director of Coaching Michael Hull michael.hull@kalamazoocrew.com

Girls Teams Head Coach (License) E-Mail Address 

Academy (2012 - 2013) Mike Anyonga (Grassroots) mike.anyonga@kalamazoocrew.com 

U10 Select (2010) Jeff Dunfee (Grassroots) jeff.dunfee@kalamazoocrew.com 

U11 Select (2009) Mike Puca (Grassroots) mike.puca@kalamazoocrew.com 

U12 Select (2008) Mike Puca (Grassroots) mike.puca@kalamazoocrew.com 

U13 Select (2007) Chris Zook (Grassroots) chris.zook@kalamazoocrew.com 

U14 Select (2006) Larry Alward (Grassroots) larry.alward@kalamazoocrew.com 

U19 Select (2001 - 2005) Gordon Miller (Grassroots) gordon.miller@kalamazoocrew.com

Boys Teams Head Coach (License) E-Mail Address 

Academy (2012 - 2013) Mike Anyonga (Grassroots) mike.anyonga@kalamazoocrew.com 

U9 Select (2011) Kirk DeLeeuw (Grassroots) kirk.deleeuw@kalamazoocrew.com 

U10 Select (2010) Chris Zook (Grassroots) chris.zook@kalamazoocrew.com 

U11-Red Select (2009) Clifton FarleyBurkett cliff.farley-burkett@kalamazoocrew.com

U11-White Select (2009) Mary Cordova (Grassroots) mary.cordova@kalamazoocrew.com

U13 Select (2008) Sardou Dubai  (Grassroots) sardou.dubai@kalamazoocrew.com 

U14 Select (2006) Kirk DeLeeuw (Grassroots) kirk.deleeuw@kalamazoocrew.com