Futsal winter team registration

Below is the link for futsal this winter. As a club our recommendation is for all teams to play futsal over the winter months. We have seen a much greater benefit to player development with futsal as compared to indoor soccer. Plus once the kids get to playing and understanding it they really do enjoy it more.



ALL KSC teams a $30 discount please use coupon code KSC16

Injury Prevention Training with Next Level Performance

After much issue with schedules (practice and available coaches at Next Level) we have finally gotten a course available exclusive to KSC! Below is a link to the course registration.



KSC Tetra Brazil Soccer Camp

KSC Tetra Brazil Soccer Camp

This highly anticipated camp will take place the week of August 8.  Below is a link with more details:

2016 KSC Tetra Brazil Soccer Camp

Any immediate questions please contact Coach Kyle Kirshman

Email:  kylekirshman@gmail.com

KSC St. Louis Lions Soccer Camp


There is a high demand for this camp. The 7:00-9:00 session is full.
We will be adding an additional afternoon session. And will open up an additional group for the 4:30-6:00 pm session.

The first of two highly anticipated camps will take place the week of July 18-21.  Below is a link with more details and contact info:

Camp Brochure STL Lions

Coach Jorge email:  jcl_post@yahoo.com


If you child is still looking for a team please contact Coach Jorge immediately at jcl_post@yahoo.com

KSC U15 Premier Boys KISS Tourney Champs

Congratulations to Coach Chris Zook and March Chenier and our KSC U15 Premier Boys team for winning the KISS Tournament last week.

KISS Champions U15 boys

KSC Scholarship Forms 2016

These can also be found under the Parents Tab in “Forms”.

KSC Scholarship Application-2016

KSC Scholarship Application-SPANISH-2016

KSC Scholarship Recipient Feedback Form-2016


Coaching info KSC Girls 2016-17

Coach:                                Team:                                  Email:

Pablo Pastrana                  Academy                            pablo.pastrana@wmich.edu

Gordon Miller                    U9                                        GMiller@lennonmiller.com

Gordon Miller                    U10                                      GMiller@lennonmiller.com

Larry Alward                      U11/12                               larryalward@yahoo.com

Anita Robles                      U11                                      arobles@email.davenport.edu

Dannah Lemiex                 U12                                      dannahlemieux@gmail.com

Peter Holt                           U13                                      pdholt53039@yahoo.com

Meaghan Timmons          U13/14                               meagsmo@gmail.com

Scott Haas                          U14 Premier                      scott.haas@kresa.org

Jorge Cortes                      U15/U16 Select                jcl_post@hotmail.com

Dannah Lemiex                 U15/16 Premier                dannahlemieux@gmail.com

Kyle Kirshman                    U17/18 Premier                kylekirshman@gmail.com

Mike Puca                          HS                                        michael.puca@stryker.com

Note:  We will be providing phone numbers and pictures which will be placed under the teams tab in the future.

Coaching info KSC Boys 2016-17

Coach:                                     Team:                               Email:

Pablo Pastrana                    Academy                          Pablo.pastrana@wmich.edu

Juan Alvarez                        U9                                      juanxo65@hotmail.com

Joel Slager                            U10                                   jwslager71@gmail.com

Kirk Deleeuw                       U11                                    kirk.deleeuw@gmail.com

Pablo Cecere                        U12                                   Pablo.cecere@kellogg.com

Kyle Kirshman                    U13                                   kylekirshman@gmail.com

Kelly Seelbinder                 U14                                   calltheexperts@yahoo.com

Ray Veraza                          U15                                   rveraza768@hotmail.com

Chris Zook                           U16 P                                kscpresident@charter.net

Ray Veraza                           HS                                   rveraza768@hotmail.com

Gunar Streitel                     HS                                    gstreitel@charter.net


Note:  We will be providing phone numbers and pictures which will be placed under the teams tab in the future.





KSC players from the KZFC v K College

KSC players take a picture with KZFC players Eli Michaels and Brandon Bye.

Eli and Brandon with KSC players

KSC is looking for Coaches!

KSC is looking for coaches for girls and boys all ages.  If interested please contact our Director of Coaching Jorge Cortes at jcl_post@yahoo.com  and/or KSC President Chris Zook at kscpresident@charter.net.

Soccer Coach   Soccer Coach1