Affordable Soccer for Everyone

One of the reasons volunteers and staff are proud to be involved with KSC for many years is because we truly do our best to keep soccer affordable for our community. Since the beginning, KSC has been one of the least expensive soccer clubs in our area and we plan to continue to give our families the best service possible.

KSC is committed to providing value and quality to the Kalamazoo Soccer Community.

Club Fees

Club fees are fees paid to the club by each family in order to cover the main expenses of the soccer seasons. We offer payment plans to ease the burden, you don't have to pay it all at once! We value your commitment to our club. Your club fees cover:
1) League fees;
2) Outdoor field rental;
3) Insurance fees;
4) Administrative staff;
5) Coaching professional development;
6) Club equipment; and
7) Club administrative expenses.

Club fees for the 2019-2020 season are as follows:

Select/Elite - Full Year $340 
Select/Elite - Half Year $240 
Premier - Full Year $420 
Premier - Half Year $320 


Competition Level Club Fee Uniform Kit $140
(Replaced every 2 Years; Includes: custom jersey, white jersey, black shorts, black socks, and a backpack) 

Preview of the 2019 Zoo Crew Jersey

Preview of the 2019 Zoo Crew Jersey

Team Fees

Team fees are the expenses teams incur individually during the year. These fees are divided by the families that make up the team in order to cover the expenses evenly. Team fees are dependent on the category and level the team participates, how active they are throughout the year (futsal, indoor soccer, winter training sessions), and the number of tournaments they play. The categories of expenses are:
1) Referee fees (which vary based on player age);
2) Tournaments;
3) Winter training gym rentals; and
4) Futsal and/or Indoor Soccer team fees.

Total Costs

The total costs for playing a full season varies from approximately $655 for example a U11 select team playing one tournament to approximately $880 for a U19 premier team playing 2 tournaments. Each team is a little different when it comes to costs as each team may do indoor soccer or futsal during the winter training period each of which has varying costs as well.

Club Fees + Team Fees + Uniform + Tournament entry fees (does not include transportation or lodging) = Annual Costs