Kalamazoo Soccer Club (KSC) is proud to serve our community. Since 1991 we have been able to spread the love for soccer throughout the greater Kalamazoo area, and we plan to continue that journey while enhancing our offering to best fit the needs of our environment. We understand how the youth sports model in our country can be financially challenging for some families. That is why we have diligently worked to make soccer as affordable as possible in our area. 

Currently, KSC has a scholarship program that helps cover a portion of the club fees. Each recipient of a scholarship will receive a 50% reduction of club fees. This means, at the time of registration, a family would only need to cover half the club fees for the competitive year. This opportunity, combined with our payment plan (four payments per year) helps makes club soccer more affordable.

It is important to note that our scholarships do not cover all costs families have to incur during the competitive year. These costs are also known as team fees. We try our best to give families (and teams) estimates of other costs that are not related or managed directly by us. Families will know up front the financial costs from participating in our programs during the year.

How to Apply

We continue to improve our scholarship system every year. We encourage our families to contact us in regards to ideas, help and donations to improve scholarships. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we appreciate a ton any support and feedback you can provide. Financial donations to increase the potential of our scholarships are hugely appreciated. That same way, volunteers to help us improve this system are also needed and appreciated. Please contact our Executive Director, any board member, or your team coach to reach us in regards to this topic.


Players applying for scholarship must turn in the following:

1. Scholarship Application form
2. Scholarship Recipient Feedback form
3. Documentation (i.e. evidence from school of participation in free or reduced meal program). Home-schooled players only may submit the Joint IRS 1040 tax returns.

¡Hay BECAS están disponibles para jugar en el Kalamazoo Crew!
Los jugadores que soliciten beca deben entregar lo siguiente:

1. Formulario de solicitud de beca

2. Formulario de comentarios del beneficiario de la beca (i.e. Scholarship Recipient Feedback Form)

3. Documentación (es decir, evidencia de la escuela de participación en programas de comidas gratis o reducidas). Solo los jugadores educados en el hogar (i.e. home-schooled) pueden entregar las declaraciones de impuestos del IRS 1040 conjunto.